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24 options Custom Color X-Maxx Word Stickers (8) for Traxxas XMAXX Decals Sheet

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Customize your X-Maxx with this sheet of (8) custom X-Maxx logo stickers. Currently with 24 different color options to choose from (see photos for the number (#) next to each design/color option and the color option below in the details next to the numbers. Please send us a message if you have a special request that you do not see offered.)

When placing your order, please don’t forget to select your body type and color option before completing your order.

Each purchase includes 4 sets (2 each set/8 total decals) high quality waterproof stickers. Laminated for scratch and tear resistance.

What's Included in Your Purchase:

        (2) Custom Logo X-Maxx Stickers  @ 9.5" wide


      (2) Custom Logo X-Maxx Stickers @  5" wide

      (2) Custom Logo X-Maxx Stickers  @ 3" wide
     (2) Custom Logo X-Maxx Stickers @ 1.5" wide
*additional random decals will also be included to fill space and provide you with some extra free decals to go along with your xmaxx word decals. Please see the images for #23 (USA Flag 2) for example where we included some American scaled flags as well.


*Don’t forget to select your body type and color option before completing your order.


·        Traxxas X-MAXX (All Models)

Design/Color Options:

1. Red, Black & White - Slashes

2. Fire

3. USA Flag 1

4. UK Flag

5. Green with Texture

6. Graffiti

7. Purple

8. Green

9. Orange

10. Gold

11. Red with Stars

12. Rainbow

13. Lightspeed

14. Camo

15. White

16. Gray

17. Light Blue

18. Blue Gradient

19. Pink

20. Yellow

21. Blue

22. Silver

23. USA Flag 2

24. Orange/Black Abstract